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Print Basics was established to revolutionize the traditional process of how printing is done — long before the job ever makes it to the press.

As partners in one of South Florida’s most reputable and established full service commercial printers, Craig Tanner and Ike Abolafia have brought their vision and foresight to meet the future needs of a growing client base and changing industry. Their vision of a multi-platform printing service has created an environment for error free jobs, timely turn-around and cost-effective solutions using cutting edge technology. They have established one of the finest and most knowledgeable teams in the printing industry, which only adds to their strength as an industry leader.

Because Green Matters

Because Green Matters

At Print Basics, we understand that going green must start today to ensure the future of our environment for generations to come. We all have to start doing our part for the planet somewhere and what better place for Print Basics to start than right in our own facility. From recycling our waste to ink and paper selections, we are trying to do our part. Here is a list of some things we’ve implemented at Print Basics.

PAPER – All house stock including coated, carbonless, bond, and #10 envelopes now contain recycled or post consumer waste.

INK – All of our inks are vegetable based.

WASTE – All paper waste accumulated during production is recycled.

ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES – Let us mail you a “Green Friendly” catalog where you can find an assortment of specialties items that are either recyclable, made from recycled materials or contain post consumer waste.

Jump on board and request your next order to be printed on recycled paper. It’s up to all of us to ensure the future of our planet.

If you have any suggestions or requests regarding our green friendly programs, or to request a green product catalog, please email

Custom Web Portals

A Cloud-based Online Solution For Your Products & Assets


Save Time…

Custom Web Portals make your whole team more efficient because everyone can find the files and materials they need in one location. When you download a file, you can be confident that you have retrieved the current version, as well.
Your storefronts will be set up so you can see previews and item descriptions. On both static items and print on demand, you can see a proof instantly and can approve immediately. With 24/7 availability, you can order materials whenever it is convenient for you.

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Save Money…

Save money on static printed items with pre-determined pricing. By tying a storefront to print on demand, you eliminate waste and your printed materials are always up to date. The storefront can be built to include dynamic design templates that allow you to make changes to materials, eliminating the cost of art modifications.
With an automated storefront system, item retrieval and purchasing functions are more efficient. Redundant communication is eliminated and accuracy improves. For all these reasons and more, Print Basics’ system helps you reduce soft costs for personnel expense.

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