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Inventory Management

Although our digital services allow you to run short runs and eliminate the need for inventory, you’re probably wondering why we still offer inventory management. Well, it’s simple. Many clients have multiple offices and require same day and next day service. For example, if your company has 200 offices and 90 forms, let us print and store a 30‐60 day supply for you. This way, we can pick and pack your order the same day after we receive your online print order using your very own customized web portal. Whether we need to ship 1 case of carbonless forms or 250 each of 15 different forms, we can still ship same day or next day.

The invent of digital printing has allowed Print Basics to provide finished product on an as needed basis for most orders. However, there are still products that are more cost effective when we keep shells on hand. We’ll identify product requirement and needs to support the most cost efficient way to get your printed materials in your hands.

So whether you are supporting one office or are a nationwide corporation, let Print Basics manage your inventory and start saving time and money today!