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PURLs — Personalized URLs

A PURL is a personalized URL.  PURLs are created specifically for each unique recipient of your direct mail or email marketing campaign.


When the recipient visits this URL, or custom landing page, they will visit a personalized website with a message and content that speaks directly to them.  As a complement to a printed direct mail piece, or an email marketing distribution, a PURL serves to refine your marketing campaign to yield quick and more precise results for your marketing dollar.

PURLs also allow you to track the user’s activity and collect any information the recipient enters through the website.  They can, for example, give you a direct line to the interests or opinions of your client base by using PURLs as a questionnaire. And they can also provide a venue to promote interest in your company by providing targeted discounts or savings in their next purchase.

There is an extensive range of use for PURLs in target marketing and we invite you to tell us about your questions on how PURLs can be used to aid in growing or streamlining your marketing or data collection needs.